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Stewart's Customer Quality Assurance

When trusting a heating and air conditioning company to your home, there are certain questions to be asked: “How do you know if your system is installed properly? Did you receive any written documents to show proper operation? Did you get the system you thought you would?”

At Stewart's Heating & Air Conditioning, we suggest you only do business with a company that provides written procedures to address each of these critical questions. Our quality assurance program makes sure you receive the very best service possible.

Our quality assurance program improves the communication system with our customers, documents the operating system's performance, and provides you an easy way to express your opinion. Our quality assurance program is second to none.

Our project managers are the foundation of the quality assurance program. A project manager, not a sales person, will come to your home to learn about your concerns. This is an extremely important detail. Our project managers are technically trained to evaluate your needs to create a healthy and comfortable environment in your home. The project managers will listen to your concerns and develop a plan specific to your comfort system and home. By serving as the communicator between you and our install team, you can be assured of a clear line of communication regarding your system.

Once the install team has the system operational, they create a written "start-up" report. This report captures information to show the operation of the system. At Stewart's Heating & Air Conditioning, we use these reports to compare readings to the engineering information provided by the manufacturer.

Finally, every customer is presented with a satisfaction survey. When our customers provide feedback on our services, we can continue to grow to improve and meet your needs even better.

What Is Comfort?

At Stewart's Heating & Air Conditioning, we define comfort as air that is the:

Proper Temperature
Between 68 and 78 degrees.

We all have a basic understanding of air temperature. We can adjust the temperature settings on our thermostat to levels where we feel comfortable. However, we also know that things like humidity can affect how the temperature feels.

Correct Humidity Level
Between 40 percent and 60 percent relative humidity.

When the relative humidity (the amount of moisture in the air) is higher, we often feel hotter. If it is very low, we often feel cooler, no matter the actual temperature. Our homes also have humidity in them – like the outside air. We need to control the humidity in our homes for the most indoor comfort.

Particulates have been removed from the air.

There are more than 1 million contaminants per cubic foot of indoor air. Contaminants are things like pollen, dust mites, pet dander and dirt. A comfortable home will have these contaminants removed from the air.

Capturing and destroying bacteria, fungi and organic compounds.

Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet odors, cooking smells, smoke and more also circulate in the air in our homes. Certain heating and cooling systems can capture and destroy these items leaving the home with sanitized air.

How We Can Improve YOUR Indoor Air Quality?
Stewart's Heating & Air Conditioning provides products and can install certain systems that will improve your home’s air quality, making your home more comfortable.

Air Purification Air Filtration Humidity Control
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